We offer you professional services of translation in and from a wide range of languages. Our translators are authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice, are exigent people who respect the deadlines established by the clients and the quality of translations. We do translations for regular people (official and non–official documents), for independent contractors and also for various companies operating in different areas (medical, technical, legal, IT etc.).

Is time a real problem for you? We have the right solution by offering services connected to the translation activity: notary public legalisation, obtaining the apostila, superlegalisation, representation services for police department, inspectorates, institutions, etc. and consultancy.

We offer services of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation for different events: seminars, conferences, auctions, courses, preparing documents at the Notary Public Office, trials, wedding ceremonies, business meetings etc. Our interpreters have a wide experience in this area and are authorized by the Romanian Ministry of Justice.

   We advise you to previously make a reservation for the interpretation services because our interpreters have a very busy schedule. In order to make a reservation for interpretation services it is compulsory to contact us either by telephone or by e-mail, specifying the date and time when you need interpretation services, the type of interpretation (simultaneous or consecutive), the language or languages for which you request such services and the place where the event takes place. Then, it is absolutely necessary to pay in advance 50% of the interpretation cost.
In order to have a guaranteed success we recommend you to give the interpreter documents or information regarding the event at least 48 hours before the event.
The price is calculated on an indivisible hour, an hour of work consisting of 50 minutes and it is established according to the type and the period that is requested (working days or weekend).
For interpretations that last more than a day, an amount per day will be established.

Interpreters that are currently available:

  • for English – Romanian, Romanian – English
  • for French – Romanian, Romanian – French
  • for Italian – Romanian, Romanian – Italian, we will be able to satisfy other requests in the near future.

We offer services of correction and review of translations that were done by other translators. The price is between 50 and 60% of the normal price of the translation. In case the received translation contains many errors, which would imply major modifications in the text, we recommend that the client allows us to do a new translation of the document.

We protect the confidentiality of all official and non–official documents and of verbal information that is submitted. Our translators signed a confidentiality contract and thus do not have the right to disclose any information to a third party without the consent of the client. We do not keep copies of your documents, translations and confidential records after finishing the service.